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Rami-System® – Fabricantes de accesorios para conductos de ventilacion y aire acondidiondo

NEU 6000, S.A. – RAMI-SYSTEM® –

Somos fabricantes de uniones para conducto metálico rectangular, circular y oval. Tapas de inspección galvanizadas, inox, planas, curvadas,aisladas, para alta temperatura, doble tubo, con bandeja, etc. Accesorios para fabricar y montar todo tipo de conductos”

NEU – 6000, S.A. se fundó a principios de 1.986.

Uniones de conductos de aire rectangular – Uniones de conductos de ventilación circular y obal

Accesorios para el montaje de conductos de ventilación y aire acondicionado

Tapas de inspección para conductos de ventilación

Portillos de acceso para tubos de ventilación

Trampillas de acceso para tubos y conductos de ventilacion y aire acondicionado

Uniones para tubos de ventilacion

sistemas de unión para conductos de ventilación

Componentes para conductos de ventilación y Aire Acondicionado

Services & Solutions

[icon icon=”fa fa-cube” position=”icon-left” title=”WE ARE MANUFACTURERS”]the main activity of our company is the manufacture and commercialization of FLANGES AND ACCESSORIES for metal ductwork.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-briefcase” position=”icon-left” title=”DISTRIBUTION OF BRANDS”]We are representatives of the best brands in the sector such as, CLIM®, ANJOS, AIR SPIRALO® or STRUTFOOT.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-lightbulb-o” position=”icon-left” title=”COMPANY PATENTS”]We have a range of our own models, patented, that cover the most severe quality assemblage conditions.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-truck” position=”icon-left” title=”SHIPPING”]We transport our products throughout Europe, with direct transport for long distance destinations or with our own vehicles to nearby destinations.[/icon]


– We keep on working to create components with the highest quality. Perfectly designed to adapt to structures with almost limitless options.


Recent News

Featured Projects

Ernest Chemist Ltd. laboratories, Accra | Ghana

The facilities in Accra, Ghana, of the laboratories of Ernest Chemist Ltd. with the facultative management of Indus Engineering in Barcelona, ​​have RAMI-SYSTEM® unions in all their ducts.

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Waste Recovery Plant “Instalación 3” T.M. Manises, Valencia | Spain

At the facilities of the Waste Recovery Plant “Instalación 3” in Manises, Valencia, were used RAMI-SYSTEM® unions for straight seamed ducts of Ø 700 mm in stainless steel.

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Multi-Purpose Pavilion Gran Canaria Arena | Spain

Opened in March 2014, this multi-purpose pavilion has RAMI-SYSTEM® unions for rectangular ducts.

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Alicante Airport | Spain

The RAMI-SYSTEM® unions, size 30 type B, have been key pieces for the structure of the ducts of the giant air conditioners, installed in the basements of the Alicante Airport.

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Pumping Hydroelectric Power Station, Valencia | Spain

RAMI-SYSTEM® flange rings for the Ø 1200 mm ducts of this majestic infrastructure of the Cortes-La Muela hydroelectric complex. Located in the Júcar basin, considered the largest pumping station in Europe.

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High-speed Train Tunnels Line Turin-Genoa | Italy

Spectacular Ø 2200 duct installation, inside the tunnel, using RAMI-SYSTEM® flange rings for SPIRO® circular duct.

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Barcelona AVE Tunnels | Spain

In the construction and excavation work to make the tunnels necessary for the passage of the high-speed AVE train, in BARCELONA, Ø 2500 mm RAMI-SYSTEM® flange rings were needed for the installation of ventilation in the tunnel boring machine.

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Palma de Mallorca Intermodal Terminal | Spain

In the underground construction of the Terminal, both in the train and bus stations were installed with RAMI-SYSTEM® flange rings for Ø 800 ÷ 1600 mm circular ducts.

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Barcelona-Sants Railway Station | Spain

RAMI-SYSTEM® flange rings for the union of circular ducts Ø 800 ÷ 1600 mm in the platform areas of the Estació de Barcelona-Sants.

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High speed tunnels Florence line ventilation | Italy

We manufactured and shipped with 4 trailer trucks a special order of Ø 1700 mm RAMI-SYSTEM® unions for the ventilation of the high-speed AVE train tunnels, in Florence (Italy)

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AMCOR’s Factory Ventilation, Alzira | Spain

The ventilation ducts of AMCOR’s factory, in Alzira, have RAMI-SYSTEM® unions for Ø 1600 mm ducts.

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MERCADONA’s distribution warehouse ventilation, Abrera | España

The ventilation ducts for MERCADONA’s logistics block in Abrera, the largest in Spain, have RAMI-SYSTEM® joints for Ø 1600/1500 mm ducts.

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