At present and since 1993, the main activity of our company is the manufacture and commercialization of flanges and accessories for metal ductwork, also with our own patented models. Our experience in the manufacturing and assembly of all types of ducts goes back to the 70s.

These rectangular flanges meet the highest requirements of rigidity, airtightness, ease of installation and assembly, quality of finish, optimization of manufacturing costs, etc. For all these reasons it is, without a doubt, the system with the best quality / price ratio in the marketo.


We have the most complete range of products (GALVANIZED, ALUMINUM AlMg3 and STAINLESS STEEL AISI-304 unions). They cover the most severe conditions of quality in installations, not only regarding the union but also in support and maintenance.

We also have at your disposal the RAMI joints with mastic injected inside the entire length of the flange, as an option for installations that require the maximum level of airtightness and energy efficiency.

We produce different flange categories for rectangular ducts (color-coded at the end of each bundle):

A (0,5) yellow HOMOLOGATED for E-600 (máx. sect. 1.250×1.000 mm)

B (0,6) red

C (0,7) green

D (0,8) blue  HOMOLOGATED for E-600 (máx. sect. 1.250×1.000 mm)

A (0,6) yellow HOMOLOGATED for E-600 (máx. sect. 1.550×600 mm)

M (0,8) white NEW!! (in-between size)

B (0,9) red  HOMOLOGATED for E-600 (máx. sect. 2.000×600 mm)

0412200861520.000 ml of profile RAMI-20-A + accessories loaded in container for destination by maritime shipping.



We manufacture all flanges of 20, 30 and 40 in standard lengths of 5 m. Additionally we have added the option of 3 m (for 20 and 30), in order to adapt more efficiently to transport costs, given that this length is considered palletized material.


We have the most complete range of corners for the “RAMI” rectangular flange unions.

From the “standard” range (in size 20) to the “CLIP” range (in sizes 30 and 40). We cover all the levels of demanded quality that may be required in your installations.

All of them have the double option of Type A (they do not have extra free space for Pittsburg lock seam) and Type B (they have extra free space for Pittsburgh lock seam).

Sliding Clamps and Bolt Clamps (one type for all flange sizes 20-30-40).

We also have Split Corners of 20 and 30 special for integral flange duct (FIRMAC or similar) at unbeatable prices.


Transport to all long distance destinations is done by direct shipment from our factory with full / shared cargo trailer vehicles, guaranteeing a safe and efficient service.

  • Direct shipping for long distance destinations
  • Own vehicle for short distance destinations


We manufacture all products with the highest quality and safety, calibrated and tested by external laboratories with official certifications.


logo afiti

E-600 test for the RAMI-20 union

at AFITI Laboratories (Madrid)

logo applusç

Assembly of a 2000×600

duct in the furnace for its 600o test

SAM 0526 1
SAM 0590

logo applusç

E-600 test for the RAMI-30 union

at APPLUS+ Laboratories (Barcelona)