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We carry out property assignments of 2 E-600 tests for sections up to 1250 × 1000 and another up to 2000 × 600

We have 2 E-600 tests for assignment in full ownership:


  • With 20 mm RAMI unions for ducts up to 1250 × 1000 in section, obtained through a new test carried out at APPLUS in 2.020.
  • With 30 mm RAMI unions for ducts up to 2000 × 600 in section, obtained through a test carried out at APPLUS in 2011.


To optimize its application, it is separated into 2 levels: up to 1550 × 600 section with 30-0.6 RAMI flange and up to 2000 × 600 with 30-0.9 RAMI flange.


Since the E-600 tests expire after 10 years, the latter will expire soon and we will not carry out another one due to its much higher cost and lower projection than the 20 one. Therefore, if you are interested in acquiring it, do not delay its processing. Remember that the tests, once they have been included in the CE MARKING, no longer have an expiration date.


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