3-D parts manufacturing service

We also have the necessary infrastructure through two 3-D printers to offer you the 3-D parts manufacturing service.

We have already been using this technology at NEU 6000, S.A. / RAMI-SYSTEM® since its inception for the internal manufacture of parts, consumables in our manufacturing processes, realization of prototypes for new projects, replacement parts for repairing damaged machines or components, etc …

Now we offer in general and for any sector or application a new service of manufacturing parts that you want from provided measurements, sketches or the same damaged original part, avoiding higher costs for total replacement of the set or long delays in its delivery times.

The 3-D design work on a computer and the execution of PDF blueprints with all their details and dimensions will be deducted from the work to be done in our 3-D printers

We work mainly with improved materials of nylon (filled with carbon microfibers), which produce precise parts with an impeccable surface finish, different filling percentages, up to 100% (total solid), high resistance to friction, toughness, flexibility , resistance to chemical agents, etc … They can also be printed by simultaneously adding layers of fibers to overcome the resistance of Aluminum. All this with a level of precision of up to 0.1 mm / layer.

If you require our services, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you and thus be able to demonstrate the high level of resolution that we can offer you.

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