In Martorell on May 25, 2022


Having already reached the 36th anniversary of our company NEU 6000, S.A. and by way of celebration, we are pleased to inform you of exceptional news !!!


If your company is a manufacturer of ducts for smoke extraction and car park ventilation installations that have to comply with the requirements of E-600/120 and CE MARKING, you will surely be interested in what we offer below:


With the increases in the price of steel that we have been experiencing since last year, it is clear that in order to make this type of installation profitable, it is necessary to have a competitive system that allows you to manufacture and install your ducts at the lowest possible cost.


That is why RAMI-SYSTEM® has successfully developed and tested1 a duct up to a maximum section of 1250×1000 mm with advantageous characteristics which are unique in the entire European market.




The aim is to be able to carry out the approved E-600/120 smoke extraction installations for car parks, optimizing all its components with the minimum possible metal sheet thickness, which represents a lower weight of steel and therefore a considerably lower cost of materials.


DSC 4602 2


All this has been the result of a long and complicated preliminary experimentation in our test bench located in our factory in Martorell, in which the best possible result for this type of installation has finally been achieved.


We will mention some of these outstanding characteristics:


  • Duct manufactured with sheet thickness of 6/10 mm.
  • False joints with the minimum thickness: RAMI-20. TYPE A of 5/10 mm.
  • Straight sections with maximum useful length: 1,500 mm.
  • Number of joints / surface ratio: THE MINIMUM
  • Reinforcements inside the duct: NOT USED.
  • Economical screw clamps spaced <330 mm
  • Minimum tightness requirement: CLASS A
  • Seam Sealing Pittsburghs: NOT SEALED.
  • Sealing inside the corners: ONLY 4 cm.
  • Putty used: PROMAT K-84
  • Ceramic joint used: RAMI-SYSTEM 17×4 mm.
  • Lower supports type “C” of 10×20×50×20×10×1 mm: OWN MANUFACTURED.
  • Separation between lower supports: <2,300 mm.
  • Maximum distance between supports and joints: <400 mm.
  • Squads type: RAMI-20-B ECO (free space for Pittsburgh).


If you are interested in being able to use this advantageous system, which will allow you to obtain considerable savings of up to 35% compared to other systems used up to now, we can transfer this test to you as definitive property – which you can include in your CE MARKING – with unbeatable economic conditions, amortizable2 in the first 400 m² that you manufacture.


DSC 4604 1


5 2


We remain at your entire disposal to assist you regarding this matter at


1 at APPLUS on 05-20-22           

2 cost calculated at €1,350/Tm (at a higher cost, it is amortized in less m²)



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