Ernest Chemist Ltd. laboratories, Accra | Ghana

In 2019 we supplied RAMI-SYSTEM® flanges, for rectangular duct, of 20, 30 and 40 mm, in galvanized steel, for the facilities of the Ernest Chemist Ltd. Laboratories in Accra, Ghana.

The new construction of Ernest Chemist Ltd. Laboratories is located in Accra, capital of the African country Ghana. The installation of these laboratories was carried out with the facultative direction of Indus Engineering of Barcelona. All the unions for their rectangular ducts, the RAMI-SYSTEM® flanges, corners and clamps, met the highest requirements of galvanized coating conditioned by the corrosive environment of their location.

  • RAMI-SYSTEM® unions of sizes 20, 30 and 40 mm for rectangular ducts in galvanized steel Z-275

Ernest Chemist Ltd. Laboratories in Accra, Ghana


Fecha Proyecto: 2019
Lugar: Accra – Ghana